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Making the world a better place

A Guide for

Your Life

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The Very Best

for Your Family

You want to make the world a better place.

We all do. By working together in a church community we can cooperate to make a significant impact in our world.

Making the World a Better Place

Life happens.

We take the tried and tested teaching of the Bible and apply it to help us deal with whatever life throws at us.

We all want the very best for our families.

What could be better than to learn the values that will help them to become the person they are designed to be?

Good News in Your Hand

Thumbs Up always means there’s good news – God loves you.





A pointing finger tells you that you’re not good enough – that’s what satan (the

accuser) says to you, “You’re not good enough for God.”.


Your tallest finger reminds you that you need a big brother to help you.

Jesus promises that God loves you with all His heart. He was willing to die to prove it!



A ring on your finger tells us that someone has proposed a committed relationship.

God is committed to you and invites you to be committed to Him.



A little finger isn’t very strong alone – it needs the other fingers.

You and I need others to help us, that’s the purpose of the church.

We are here to help each other become the people God designed us to be.











The Friendliest


in Yorkshire





Welcome to the Friendliest Church in Yorkshire.


Visit us at 10.45 this Sunday for a great welcome and the beginning of your journey of faith with us.